True Law of Attraction Story: “I Write Books Quickly,” Part Two

true law of attraction story

Contributor: Mollie Player

This post is a continuation of the post entitled “True law of attraction story: I write books quickly, part one.”

In the first part of the story, I talked about how I wrote the following affirmation in my prayer journal:

“I write books quickly and easily and they are perfect the first time.”

That week, I wrote the first (rather nice) draft of a 20,000-word story in less than one week–something I’d ever done before. And there’s more …

Before this time, in all my years of writing creatively, I’d written and self-published one novella-length manuscript (“What I Learned from Jane”) and one book of poetry. I’d also written most of a full-length memoir/how-to book (“How to Get Happy: Overcoming Depression Without Experts or Medicine”) and most of a quirky screenplay about the internet and the meaning of life (“Medium Rare”).

After this time, I finished and published the memoir and the screenplay. I wrote three other novella-length works and published them, too. Then I finished the final draft of the story that started it all, and published that, too.

And all of this happened between January and April.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this success. Writers’ block seems like a myth these days, and with a brand new fiction series in the works, I can’t actually imagine this pace slowing anytime soon.


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  1. Mollie!

    I had a similar shift after including this statement as part of my daily declarations (affirmations said out loud): I am a creative dynamo!

    It’s as if the tap, once a trickle, has been turned on full force. I sometimes wake up in the morning with leaflets from my 5×8 pad littered about me with ideas.

    Thanks so much for what you’re doing here — a new fan —



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