Law of Attraction Success Story: “Everything Fell Into Place”


Guest contributor: Hanna Goss of Goss Coaching. Hanna has a great blog about mental and physical health as well as spiritual practices like the law of attraction at

In 2009, I really “got” the law of attraction. Consciously, I let go of struggling against my life and focused on appreciating my home, my job, my relationships, my body, me—everything!

About two months later, I was sitting at home having dinner when my husband called from a conference. After a few minutes of catching up, he said, “Some people have asked me to apply for a job.”

It happened to be in another state in an area that we loved and had dreamed of retiring to “someday.” I encouraged him to throw his hat in the ring, if that was what he wanted.

He arrived back home on Tuesday and had his application in on Thursday. The following week he had a telephone interview that went so well they invited him up a few days later for an in-person interview. A few days after the interview, they offered him the job—with a significant raise.

That weekend we saw the community that would become our new home for the first time as we looked at houses with a realtor. By Sunday we had put in an offer, which was accepted as we raced back to get our home on the market. After spending a week prepping our home to get it ready for sale, I walked out the door on Saturday morning to fly to a conference in Los Angeles just as a couple was coming in for our first showing. By the time I landed in LA, we had a full-price offer in-hand—something everyone told us was impossible due to the economy.

Three weeks later, we closed on both houses, and moved to our new home—and my bosses agreed to let me take my job with me. Not only was I able to keep a job I loved, but I was able to fulfill a dream of working from home.

Do I believe in the power of the law of attraction? You better believe it! Everything—absolutely everything—fell perfectly into place for this mind-boggling fast transition to happen—a transition that allowed our dreams to come true.



Inspiration from the other side.

You’ve been on the spiritual path for a good while now. You’ve read the books. Maybe even met a guru or two. Sometimes, though, you need a different kind of inspiration. Inspiration from someone who knows how hard this inner peace stuff really is.

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  1. Hi Mollie:
    Hearing these kind of stories and knowing the kind of life I lived before and now after, I CLEARLY see LOA as a HUGELY positive force in my life. I’ve always said since discovering it that had I known about this when I was growing up, oh how different my life would have been.

    So happy I discovered it before it was too late!



      1. Hi Mollie:
        Yup! Must agree. God/Spirituality/Faith LOA all one in the same. I’d have to say, that learning about LOA has REALLY deepened my faith, has moved me closer to my own interpretation of God. One of the books I was turned onto recently was Rob Bell’s Love Wins. After reading that book I found myself agreeing w/almost everything he says. Mr Bell calls himself a Universalist and I must say I believe that’s what I am too. It took me a long time to identify my belief system and I think Mr Bell tipped me over the edge.


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