Law of attraction success story: “My bone spurs disappeared”


Guest contributor: Scott of Scott blogs about positivity, the law of attraction and much more.

A few decades back, my wife (at the time) went to the doctor. Her foot hurt horribly every time she stepped on it. The doctor diagnosed the problem as bone spurs–a very, very painful condition–and told her to walk carefully from now on. He also said that it might take surgery to remove the spurs.

Soon afterwards, she and I read a book on visualization. One of the sections was about something called “target words.” A target word, the author said, was a phrase you said constantly, often out loud, thus reaffirming it in your brain and in your life. Because of the repetition, the brain would react as if it was being told what to do. So, my wife and I thought about this and remembered that she had a habit of saying “I just can’t stand that!”  when something bothered her. We agreed that she would completely stop saying that  particular phrase.

Just a few weeks later, the doctor reexamined her foot, and you guessed it:  The bone spurs were completely dissolved–no surgery required.

Think of those target words you might say regularly. Maybe they are: “It’s killing me!,” “You worry me to death!,” “That just wears me out!,” or “That makes me sick!” All of these phrases are destructive and can cause physical ailments. I encourage you to choose better words and thus to choose a better life.



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  1. Thank you, Mollie, for printing my story. It is only one Small example of the effects of positive affirmations on a person’s life. I am back to using them again to help me with my stroke symptoms and such.

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