Five-Day Free-for-All: Day One

For the next five days, all four of my books for the Amazon Kindle, including What I Learned from Jane, On the Bus and Medium Rare will be available FREE on the Kindle!

And for those of you that don’t have a Kindle (yet), you can also download a Kindle reader for free on

Get one or get them all now on and enjoy.

While you’re at it, make your favorite happiness author very happy–leave a review for other readers.

Gratitude and love.


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  1. I downloaded the ones I could get for free and bought the Kindle version of the diet book. I don’t worry much about my diet anymore, but it would be good to tell people about when they discuss food and weight (which happens often). I watch carbs now and the rest does decent on its own. Haven’t lost much in the last two years, but haven’t gained any and have slimmed down with a bit more muscle weight. I am pretty happy with me; that’s the important thing.


    1. Thanks, Scott! I appreciate that! I didn’t say it in the post, but even the giveaways help me a lot because they tally as regular sales (almost?) on Amazon, which helps my rankings & stuff … As for the diet book, this is a REAL diet for people who really want to lose weight fast, so it may not be for you. Then again, it is very healthy, too, so it might be worth doing just for that. (I’m not on it right now as I’m pregnant … bring on the carbs!!!)


  2. I just read your diet book and was wondering what to do if I had a few questions. Would this be the proper forum for those? I wasn’t able to find a specific website or posts related to the diet. Thanks!


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