Life Hack for Overcoming Depression: Repeat good stuff over and over in your head


I was such a skeptic.

Oh, Lord, I was such a skeptic.

But ever since a recent tragedy in my life—the death of my newborn baby Jane—my perspective on this quaint-seeming little habit has changed entirely—and so has my life.

I now say affirmations every day.

Here is my list (which I keep on my phone for handy reference!):

  1. “I am happy.”
  2. “I am whole and complete. I have everything I need.”
  3. “(Person) is whole and complete. She has everything she needs.”
  4. “All love and all peace to (person).”
  5. “Only love and only peace to (person).”
  6. “This moment is complete. This moment is perfect. This moment is all I need.”
  7. “(Person) is perfect and whole.”
  8. “Healing and guidance to (person).”
  9. “I will do all I want to do in this life. I will have all I want to have in this life.”
  10. “I am fulfilling my purpose. I am my truest self.”
  11. “I move slowly and carefully. I speak slowly and caringly. “I live slowly and I am awake.”
  12. “I am grateful.”

Say these to yourself every day—either these or others that you make up. Say them over and over, until you believe them—until you really know that they’re true.

Then see if you’re not happier than you ever were before.

Do you say affirmations? Mantras? Prayers? Anything spiritual at all? Leave a comment below; I’d love to know what works for you.


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  1. Bravo! This is awesome stuff! You will help tons of people with your insights! May you have many blessings!

  2. Ok I am just reading this and my heart hurts seeing these words. But I am also filled with a real sense of hope and beauty at seeing how you find a path to the light in all this. I believe that you have your own private angel at your side at all times now and your sweet baby Jane is so joyous at your strength and the way you are honoring her short but spectacular life. I love your words and I am inspired with your faith and your journey. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your heart Mollie. 🙂 Big hugs to you. Jo

  3. In this world, you will have many troubles, but take heart said Jesus, “I have overcome the world. “Pray without ceasing” I’ve tried to bring all matters, little or small, impossible or intimidating and pray with hope. Above all I understand people put expectations larger than life on others without realizing Christ is the source of the strength to do everything. When you miss that mark, all sorts of anger, disapproval, putting down behavior, despair becomes the norm. The cause of our human suffering is our lives apart from Christ, without prayer without a commitment for Jesus.

    I love your post, as you heal slowly keep in mind of the feelings you feel. Keep in mind the things you would have done for you, like the notion of gentleness and kindness. When you get better and feel better, make sure you remember these things and exercise them when interacting with others.

    Mollie if you’re looking for a good inspiration daily, be sure to check out this person who posts alot of helpful statuses sometimes hourly.

  4. I like your affirmation number 6 about living in the present moment, as Eckhart Tolle has suggested we do. Affirmations can play an important role in healing.

  5. Every day for me is differant, the Chemo makes it hard. But I have a list pretty much like yours. Being medicated effects my thought process like a giant roller coaster! I just have to remind my self its the meds, the meds are good for me, because it will help me be around longer for my grandchildren.

    Positive thinking takes much concentration, but works out the negative knots my mind travels to.
    Great stuff, thanks for sharing such a tender time in your life. Blessings…..

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