Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Don’t Be a Drag


Harry Truman once said, “I am sure I am quite old-fashioned. When I ask someone how he or she is, I trust that they will say to me, ‘I am fine. How are you?’ and I will do likewise. I most certainly do not want them to tell me how they are.”

Maybe it’s just me.

But after a while, I get really sick of my downer friends and I want them to go away.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to read your comments.


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“Player’s chatty style evokes a realism and empathy for the story. One is able to feel her pain.” – Anonymous 

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  1. Once in a while, if the downer friend is generally not down – I am eager to try and life one’s spirit up…..but…if the “friend” is always down when I am around them….I will make it my business to not be around them.


  2. When someone asks how I’m doing and I say “Great!” I usually think immediately afterward: “You have no idea what I just saved you from.”

    It’s true that asking how someone is doing has become a pleasantry. The time for really telling people how you feel is when you have one-on-one time with a friend.

    Great post and great observation.


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