Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Happiness Is Not a State of Mind


For a long time, I thought happiness was feeling good. Now that I’m happy, I know that’s not true. Because I’m always happy.

But I don’t always feel good.

Getting happy isn’t about maintaining a particular state of mind. It’s about maintaining a state of intelligence.

What do I mean by that? I mean that no matter how you feel on any given day, if you are generally happy, you are able to logically assess the quality of your life and realize that it is good. And it’s good not because you just happened to get lucky and have a lot of money and good looks and a great partner. Or because you’ve gone to a psychologist and they’ve somehow cured you so that you always feel happy.

It’s good because you made it that way. At some point, you evaluated your life and made careful changes according to what would be best in the long run. And if anything bad were to happen, you could make it good again.

Because you know how. Because you’ve done it before.

And that is how I define this mysterious condition we call “happiness.”


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