Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: A Time to Try and a Time to Just Let It Happen


I have overcome three major problems in my life: shyness, loneliness, and, to a large degree, depression. All three took a long time.

I used to go to church and one of the things we used to say there was that overcoming one’s habitual sins is a gift from God. No one can change themselves.

We called it grace.

It was that thing that changes you almost without your own participation, except that of wanting to change.

And I have changed.

It took a long time, but I am no longer shy, except in the way that is just part of my personality.

And I’m not depressed anymore, except in that necessary way that everyone has to feel sometimes.

I am happy.

And lately, I haven’t been praying much anymore and I haven’t been reading the bible, yet I am feeling better than ever. So I wonder where it really comes from or if maybe I should call it something else.

It’s like magic.

I am hoping for more of that magic.

I know, too, though, that it wasn’t just this magic that helped me get over those things.

It was work and time and maturity.

So there is some trying. There is trying, and there is not trying too hard, and both, I think, are important.


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  1. We’ve been having a happiness debate over at mine: what a coincidence! I love your questioning: it’s where I am too. Problems will present themselves periodically. If we walk with a God I love to think of him as Ted Hughes portrays him: as an engineer tinkering in a shed, taking delight in creating but working alongside us on our lives. A sort of democratic soul who wants us to be the greatest we can be. A partnership.
    And each day we get moments when something moves us. Today, for me, it was a spider spinning a web, and the beautiful forest I get to walk in.
    I wonder if these are what make us happy?
    Please excuse the long comment! You really got me thinking.


    1. Thanks for the comment, Kate! I will check out your blog too.

      ITA with your view of God. He works WITH us, not against us. There are times to try hard, to work hard, and then there are times when all we can do is realize we are weak and that we want to change… and hopefully, eventually, that will be enough. For me, I have found that to be enough pretty often.


  2. I don’t read the Bible anymore. I do pray, but it is different. I don’t believe in sin, so salvation and grace are not a real part of my prayers, yet I am happier and more satisfied than I have ever been. I have found God and He is deep within me. Actually, He IS me and you and all of us…I don’t understand it all, but I am happy with what I do understand. For the first time…


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