Life Hack for Overcoming Depression: Strategize


In my last post, Life is a Game, Play it On Purpose, I talked about changing your perspective on what life is. It isn’t something that happens to you; it’s something you create. Every day. With every decision you make.

So. Once you’ve recognized that, what’s the next step?

Here is an expanded version of the quote I used in the last post.

On seeing life as a game:

“Seeing life as a game allows you to see the map, to see where you’re going. If life were a jigsaw puzzle, it would be easier, because you could see which pieces go in which area, both because of the color and because you know what the end result looks like–the picture is on the box. When you’re playing life instead of just living it, you try to see the map to know how you can organize yourself better. You look for shortcuts. You can look at other players and ask yourself, ‘How did they do that?'”

According to the authors, then, the next step after realizing life is a game—one that you can win—is simply this: Get a strategy.

Do you have a strategy? I mean, a real one. Not: “I’m going to make more money so I can stay ahead of the bills.” How far would that get you in Monopoly?

What do you want, and how are you going to get it? After my divorce, I decided that even though it didn’t work out, I liked being married. I missed being with someone. So I decided to find a husband. I signed up on a couple of dating websites and I did everything short of accepting resumes to find a person that had the qualities I was looking for. I sent out a lot of introduction emails. I searched and skimmed a lot of profiles. I emailed, then talked on the phone with people before spending the time going on a date.

It was a lot of work.

But within a few weeks, I met my husband. And he is perfect.

Don’t be like I was the first time around. Don’t wait for something to happen to you.



“This is the kind of writing that makes me feel as if I’d sat down with the author on the sofa with cups of tea and we were talking together for hours. The style is so vulnerable …” – Heather

“I don’t know what to say other than it is the most beautiful book that I have ever read.” – Ashley

“Really, I am rather speechless.” – Sarah

“I loved the book!! I couldn’t stop reading it!! It touched me so very much.” – Haydee

“Player has given a beautiful gift to her readers. I was very touched.” – Celia

“Player’s chatty style evokes a realism and empathy for the story. One is able to feel her pain.” – Anonymous 

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One comment

  1. It could happen: I could get married again. However, since my stroke and a lot of thinking, I realized that I kinda like doing what I want when I want for as long as I want. I was thinking this at 3:00AM when I was playing my video game and deciding to just sleep in till I wake up.
    It could change. I met someone the other day who has had several strokes, doesn’t want to get married, and is in the age bracket I prefer….she has someone, but doesn’t plan on getting married. So, yes, I suppose I could meet someone…just saying.

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